1The lucky Power Ball winner claimed his prize on April Fool’s day however his price of $425 Million was no joke. Apparently the idea of being a millionaire has not affected his judgment, he kept his big win a secret until he had his financial and legal plan in place. Now that he has come forward to claim his prize it is important for him that his identity remains a secret from the public.

But why should we all wait for a strike of luck to plan ahead? There are plans you can set in place to ensure that you maintain control in the event of life’s unexpected surprises. An estate plan can give you piece of mind even if you can’t predict when your lucky stars will align in your favor. Whether your priorities are privacy or protection of your loved ones, with the right attorney you can ensure that your plans live on.

By utilizing estate-planning techniques, you can protect yourself and your family from unnecessary hassles, while safeguarding your current  assets and any other asset your lucky stars  brings your way.

It’s a Wild world. Are you protected?SM

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