Estate Planning Tip Of The Week: Be Sure to Designate The Proper Beneficiary!

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Designating your minor children as a beneficiary can be disastrous!  Believe it or not, there is a strategy to listing your beneficiaries; one that can save your family money and stress once you’re gone.  Listen in as Michael Wild explains in greater detail the importance of proper beneficiary designation.  Give us a call at(954) 944-2855 and schedule your free consultation today!

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Estate Planning Tip Of The Week: Don’t Do It Yourself!

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Ever wonder why you shouldn’t attempt to draft your own estate plan?  Listen in as Michael Wild shares real world experiences  to help illustrate the dangers involved in creating your own estate plan.  Making a mistake within the drafting or execution of your estate plan can have real consequences and may result in your wishes not being honored.  Call us today for your free consultation at (954) 944-2855.

It’s A Wild World.  Are You Protected?  SM


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David Bowie dies at age 69.

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Some artists are fortunate enough to experience a thriving career for a solid decade. Legendary artist David Bowie was able to remain relevant and thrive for more than 40 years.  Bowie, perhaps best known for his glam rock style and movie role in The Labyrinth, passed away at the age of 69 after battling cancer for more than a year.  It’s hard to imagine what his family is experiencing during this troubling time.  Their main focus should be on grieving and consoling one another (and hopefully it is).  Unfortunately, if Bowie didn’t have an estate plan in place this very emotional time may become clouded with legal matters.

Benjamin Franklin put it best when he said “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” While this quote can undoubtedly be applied to many areas of your life, it is especially true when it comes to estate planning.  Estate planning is planning for the distribution or management of your assets in the event that you should become incapacitated or pass away.  The Last Will and Testament is likely the most basic estate planning technique and one everyone should have.  If you are skeptical, then keep in mind that Benjamin Franklin quote as I illustrate what will happen in the event that you don’t have a will in place.  By failing to create a will you are surrendering control over your assets and allowing the state to begin making some very important decisions on your behalf.  The state will decide who will raise your minor children (should you have any), who will act as personal representative and statute will determine who will receive your assets.  This could mean that someone you do not like could end up inheriting all that you own.  Unfortunately, whether you have a will or not, your loved ones will be subject to the probate process (the legal process of administering the decedent’s estate).  However, with a will you can eliminate a lot of stress involved with the probate process, potential arguments between loved ones and ensure that your wishes are not only heard but followed.

You may not be a rock legend like Bowie but you certainly have acquired assets through hard work just as he has. Don’t fail to plan, call the attorneys at Wild, Felice & Partners, P.A. today at 954-944-2855 and schedule your free consultation.

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New Year’s Resolutions – What Is On Your List?

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Did you know that fitness or “getting in shape” is in the top three for most popular New Year’s Resolutions? It’s not surprising either.  Who doesn’t want to have more energy, look their best and live longer!  With a longer life comes the opportunity to try new things and make new memories with those you love.  However, while your years on Earth increase your chances of one day becoming incapacitated increase along with it, which is why estate planning should also be on your list this year.

Commonly, people associate becoming incapacitated with growing old and “breaking down.” The truth is anyone can become incapacitated at any time due to a number of factors, including unforeseen illness or accidents.  While no one wants to think that anything like this could ever happen to them, the truth remains that none of us have a crystal ball and we can’t predict our own futures.  This is why it’s important to ask yourself some important questions: Who do I want making my financial decisions if I can’t do so myself?  Who do I trust accessing my personal accounts?  Who is it that I want accessing my medical records and making healthcare decisions for me?  If I end up being kept alive by artificial means, do I want to be sustained that way indefinitely?  Questions such as these are important to consider when creating your incapacity documents: the Durable Power of Attorney, Healthcare Surrogate, HIPAA Release form, and Living Will.

Durable Power of Attorney: allows you to appoint the individual you see fit to make all of your financial decisions, should you become incapacitated or otherwise unaware of your surroundings. With the

Designation of Health Care Surrogate: you are able to designate a health care surrogate to handle your medical decisions, should you become incapacitated or otherwise unaware of your surroundings.

HIPAA Release Form: will allow your Health Care Surrogate to have access to your medical records to help them make a better informed decision.

Living Will: is an important document that allows your health care surrogate to give the doctor the necessary authorization to “pull the plug” if you are being kept alive by artificial means.

All incapacity documents are included in our Will based plans as well as our Trust based plans. No need to stress over which is the better plan for you; the attorneys at Wild, Felice & Partners will help you make this important decision based off of your goals.

Continue to pursue a healthier happier you but also consider being proactive and protecting this new version of you! Prepare yourself for the unpredictable by calling the South Florida firm of Wild, Felice & Partners today for your free consultation.  Call (954) 944-2855 or visit our website at

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