Having a good business plan is like having a detailed map for a long road trip: if you make the right turns and anticipating detours, the trip can go more smoothly. Part of that business plan should include proper legal preparation, but many small businesses today lack this key element. If you set up your business correctly, you can limit your exposure to liability now and avoid losses to your business and family in the future. Any business venture comes with a litany of legal issues and it is imperative that you seek the advice of a business attorney.

Most business owners think they’re too busy to plan for the day they will leave the business and consequently put off succession planning. Leaving business succession for another day may prove fatal. Illness, incapacity, or death can come at any moment. This can be devastating to a business because it is difficult to make rational decisions in emotional times. Establishing a succession plan should be a top priority for any business regardless of its size. Like a well-run relay race, the handing over of a company should be a carefully planned and strategized transition. It must be well executed if it is to be successful.

At Wild, Felice & Pardo, PA, we are able to provide a full range of legal services to our business clients. Whether buying a new business, selling an old business, or operating a current business, our lawyers are trained to examine all aspects of business planning and see to it that all possible issues are addressed. We pride ourselves on providing accurate advice for your specific business needs. For more information on how to shield your business from risk and liability, contact our South Florida law firm for a free consultation.