All too often, even after realizing the indispensability of a comprehensive South Florida estate plan – people try to cut corners.  When it comes to preserving hard-earned assets for posterity, being penny wise is not only pound-foolish. It may even be fatal to all your hard work, hopes, and dreams of perpetual prosperity for future progeny.

Why Not Do Estate Planning Yourself?

A plethora of workbooks full of fill-in-the-blank forms is available online and at local retailers. Some subscription-based websites offer downloadable standardized materials with audio or video instruction.

Although helpful, such resources are woefully ineffective estate planning tools. In the “game” of planning estates, what is good for the goose will not always work for the gander. Everyone has different needs and objectives. No two situations are exactly alike.

There is simply no substitute for the specialized expertise of a Florida estate planning attorney. As your legal representative, an attorney is legally and ethically bound to represent only your interests and desires when devising any estate plan on your behalf. The availability of free initial consultations gives you nothing to lose and everything to gain by consulting a qualified estate lawyer in Florida.

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It’s a Wild world.  Are you protected?