NFL: Divisional Round-New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks

With football season around the corner some superstars are holding out of training camp in an attempt to get a better contract. Marshawn Lynch, Running back for the Super bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks, is currently attempting this shrewd negotiating tactic. No sports analyst can say with certainty whether this type of tactic works, sometimes the players can get more money or extend the term of their contract and sometimes the team owners play hardball and trade or refuse to re-sign the player. One thing is certain, negotiating the time one has on this planet is non-negotiable; nobody gets out alive. And if you’re a multimillion dollar value NFL superstar or part of the working class when that fateful day comes and goes you will need the expertise of a probate attorney to help guide your loved ones through the court mandated process of distributing the assets of the person known as probate.

Let us handle all the stress associated with probate and guide you through the delicate process of probating your loved one’s estate. Our attorney’s experience in these matters will give you the peace of mind you need and deserve.

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