One in seven Americans are over the age of 65. This means that those who have cared for us as children are growing old and are beginning to need us to now care for them. Seeing our parents and grandparents weaken, we want to be sure that they will be provided with the upmost care for the remainder of their life. However, properly planning for the aging population is complicated and requires the help of a competent attorney.
Failing to properly plan today will mean that the difficult decisions of the future will fall on your loved ones. For instance, if you fail to designate someone to make important healthcare or financial decisions on your behalf, the court will appoint a Guardian to do so. This very well could mean someone you don’t know or perhaps don’t even like will be making big decisions that will directly impact your life. Eliminate this scary possibility by getting all necessary elder care documents in place today. Our specialized elder law attorneys can help with the process and provide information on the following:
-Explain what long term care is, help you to understand the costs associated with this type of care and explain how the government can help alleviate the bill.
-Review and update an old, outdated estate plan. Due to life’s ever changing nature (divorce, marriage, remarriage, children, growth in wealth, etc) and the fact that we are aging daily (plan for your incapacity by designating your durable power of attorney and healthcare surrogate), we recommend meeting with an experienced estate planning attorney once a year. If you don’t have an old estate plan to update then now is the time to get one in place. An estate plan not only protects your assets, it also provides peace of mind! Protect yourself and your assets by creating or updating your estate plan with one of our experienced estate planning attorneys.
-Help you to better understand the difference between Medicare and Medicaid and how these programs may benefit you or your loved ones.
-Help you to better understand Veteran Administration benefits and how they can pay for long term care.
Elder law is a broad field and can be extremely complicated. Therefore, it’s necessary to work with a competent elder law attorney in order for any plan to work. Call the offices of Wild, Felice & Partners today at (954) 653-2917 and schedule your free consultation. Allow our attorneys to help your loved one receive the best long term care, the most benefits and achieve peace of mind.
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