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Settling for “3” Instead of Going for “7” Wills vs. Trusts

Each game plan is incorporated as a means of constructing a distinct strategic advantage. The same is true for wealth management and asset protection plans. While a Last Will & Testament is an essential component of any winning game plan, it is often necessary to tackle your goals with the incorporation of a Living Trust. Look to the following game plans to determine which supplies the best strategic advantages for your asset protection goals.

Will & Last Testament Game plan: Control of Your Assets

A Will is crucial in any estate plan. This is the document that will be used to determine your intent regarding the distribution of your property. Thus, without it, all of your assets will be distributed according to State statute, which may be a departure from your own personal wishes. Furthermore, if you have any minor children, you can designate a legal guardian, thereby communicating your wishes to the court when the time comes for a guardian to be appointed. As you can see, this is the foundation of your game plan.

Will Coupled with Trust Game Plan: Control & Protection of Your Assets

This game plan combines your testamentary wishes with further protection by having the Will pour-over into a Trust. The will coupled with a trust effectively bypasses probate, which is the validation of the will — a process that is often incredibly time consuming and often expensive. The pour-over will takes all of the property that passes through the will, and funnels it into the trust. Said property is then distributed to the trust beneficiaries pursuant to the terms of the trust. A pour-over will functions to ensure that all of the decedent’s property is transferred to trust. Think of the pour-over will as a safety net that catches all of the assets that were not properly transferred into trust. All the contents of the net are then poured into the trust, ensuring that all of the property is ultimately distributed through the living trust. Furthermore, all of the decedent’s property is distributed by the terms of one document alone (the trust), allowing for simplicity and clarity.

You need a Last Will & Testament in every winning succession game plan; however, combining it with a Living Trust may be one of your most important strategic advantages! It’s a Wild world. Are you protected?