Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo will soon be entering parenthood. This is going to be a very exciting yet challenging time for them. They are going to be busy choosing furniture and toys to decorate the baby room. They will also be looking for the right doctor to ensure a smooth delivery process and oversee the physical health of their first child.

What the newly weds should also be doing is carefully selecting the right attorney to ensure the financial health and security of their baby. Estate planning is often overlooked when it comes to planning the arrival of a child. A critical point is to designate a guardian who will raise the child in the event that both Nick and Vanessa die or are rendered incapacitated. With a newborn on the way, it is also important they recheck their life insurance policy, draft a will if they have not done so already, and establish a trust. They should also include an advanced health care directive. By contacting their estate planning attorney and taking advantage of the right legal tools, Nick and Vanessa will be able to shield their assets from potential creditors, preserve their wealth, and minimize estate taxes.

However, you don’t have to attain 98-degree celebrity status to consider estate planning. The key is not how much property you own. Rather, it is all about distributing what you do have the smart way. Right here in South Florida, our legal team can help you distribute your assets in an efficient, secure, and financially advantageous manner. Over 4 million babies are born in the United States each year yet the death rate in Florida is 100 percent. Take care of your little ones by setting up a solid estate plan as soon as possible.

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