Did you know that today, residents are celebrating Texas Independence Day? Texas remained a republic until being annexed by the United States in 1845 to gain independence from Mexico. William B. Travis is remembered today for signing one of his famous Alamo letters with the words “Victory or Death” while besieged by the Mexican army in San Antonio de Bexar.  This letter is universally regarded as one of the most heroic letters ever written while under impending death.  He vowed never to surrender or retreat.

Travis’ story is inspiring; especially when it comes to South Florida estate planning. However, you don’t have to choose between victory and death. Here in Florida, you can have both. If you die the right way, you can die like a hero to your family. It all starts with fighting for their financial protection and security by shielding your hard-earned family savings and investments from potential lawsuits and creditor claims. You can overcome the battle against inadequate or unavailable insurance coverage. You can soldier on until you can be sure your loved ones are protected against the burden of probate and estate taxes.

Finally, you can win the financial war by arming yourself and your family with the necessary tools only a highly qualified and experienced estate-planning attorney can equip you with. You can save your family from splitting headaches and emotional pain by harnessing the power of living trusts. The two main subcategories are “revocable” and “irrevocable” trusts. Learn about the benefits by contacting your South Florida attorney today.

But don’t stop there! You need to account for crucial supplementary documents as well.  It’s important to understand that a will is not enough. Have you designated a durable power of attorney? Have you assigned a health care surrogate? Do you have a living will in place? These are just few of a myriad of questions that need to be considered.

You can make your mark in history like Travis did. But, for you it will be more personal and significant to the people closest to you.  Correctly leaving behind your legacy to the people that matter most to you ensures their ultimate protection.  This is the kind of glory worth basking in. But you can’t choose a day on the calendar to create your estate plan. You have to do it as soon as possible. Call today!

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It’s a Wild world.  Are you protected?