Get your green face paint, food coloring and crazy clothes ready because March is here!  Not only does March mark the official start of the Spring season (March 20th) but it also is the month in which many American’s celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  So if you’re one of those individuals that will be green from head to toe while guzzling green colored beer – take a minute to prepare yourself for the possible consequences that may follow from getting a little too crazy.

Estate Planning isn’t just for the rich or elderly; it truly is for everyone.  Even if you don’t feel you have enough assets that would warrant the creation of a Trust you should still have other documents in place such as a Living Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Healthcare Surrogate and HIPPAA release form.  Why, you may ask?  What happens if you drink too much of that green beer?  Let’s say you slip and fall and end up unconscious for a long period of time; who will continue to pay your bills?  Who will have access to your medical records so that they can make informed healthcare decisions on your behalf?  Would you want to be kept alive artificially?  These are questions that everyone should consider.

Living Will:  This advanced directive is better known as the “pull the plug” document.  It gives your doctor the go ahead to pull the plug if you are being kept alive by artificial means.

Durable Power of Attorney:  Nominate who will continue to pay your bills, have access to your accounts and be able to make other important financial decisions on your behalf should you temporarily be unable to do so yourself.

Healthcare surrogate and HIPAA Release:  Decide in advance who will have access to your medical records and be responsible for making important healthcare decisions on your behalf should you be unable to do so yourself.

In addition to these important documents, it is important to consider creating a Last Will and Testament.  This document will allow you to appoint a guardian on behalf of any minor children, direct how you want your property to be distributed and allow you to specify any burial or cremation requests.

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