This holiday weekend many South Floridians will be getting together with family members to celebrate Easter and Passover 2012. Organizing family gatherings, preparing lavish meals, and participating in special songs and customs will be the focus of attention. Children in particular will be anticipating customary gifts.

If you’re struggling in preparing the perfect Easter basket for your little ones, here’s something to consider. There is nothing sweeter than the types of gifts that come from thoughtfully planning your South Florida estate plan.  For example, your will and living trusts are ideal vehicles in properly transferring assets to your children. Not even chocolate bunnies or candied eggs can compete with that.

There is so much to consider in such legacy planning that only a highly experienced and knowledgeable South Florida estate planning attorney can effectively guide you through this complex process. You might have family-owned businesses, retirement plans, and a life insurance policy. What about asset protection from creditor claims, special needs planning, trust administration, Florida probate and financial planning? You are not alone. Help is just a phone call away.

However, once you set up your solid estate plan, assets must be titled into trusts and periodically updated to reflect life changes such as marriage, birth of a new child, or divorce. If you already have one in place but neglected it for a few years, then it is time to resurrect your estate plan and review it with your attorney to account for all necessary changes, both personal and legal.

The best part is that estate planning is kosher and chametz-free. Sitting at the Seder table with the knowledge that you have provided for the future financial needs of you loved ones and ensured that your assets are ultimately distributed as you intend is a satisfying and rewarding feeling. After all, you never know when you will be having that Last Supper with your family. 

Time is never on our side so taking immediate action is a key ingredient to estate planning. Contacting your estate planning attorney not only gives you a peace of mind but also can reduce estate taxes for your family thus leaving them more and less to Uncle Sam.

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It’s a Wild world.  Are you protected?