The lockout has ended and the NFL is back!  Will you live long enough to see the 2011 season kick off?

Miracles happen all the time in the NFL in the form of comebacks.  And by comeback, we’re not talking about Brett Favre’s decision to come out of retirement after every offseason.

The greatest post-season comeback in NFL history was on January 3rd 1993 when the Buffalo Bills defeated the Houston Oilers, 41-38, in overtime of an AFC playoff game.  With 13:19 left in the third quarter, quarterback Frank Reich led the Bills to 5 TD’s in 20 ½ minutes to force an overtime.  The Bills then won the game in overtime on a field goal.

Another great NFL comeback was the ultimate “David vs. Goliath” win on February 3rd 2008 during Super Bowl XLII when the New York Giants upset the New England Patriots, 17-14, voiding them of their “Perfect 19-0 Season.”   Eli Manning led the Giants on a game winning drive that included the timeless “Catch-42,” a miraculous gravity defying catch over midfield, in which David Tyree completed the catch by pressing the ball against the back of his helmet.

And who can forget the “Comeback King,” Joe Montana.  Montana recorded 31 fourth-quarter comebacks during his NFL Career. One of his 31 comebacks came during a Super Bowl.  But his most impressive comeback had to of been on September 24th 1989 when the 49ers defeated the Eagles, 38-28.  Montana completed 11 of 12 passes for 227 yards and 4 TD’s in the fourth quarter.

These comebacks prove that no lead is ever safe in the NFL, and no win is guaranteed.  Miracles happen all the time in professional football.  Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee your future.  You could die before the 2011 season finally kicks off, or tomorrow, or today even.  But what we can guarantee is the future of your estate.  With a proper estate plan in place, your assets can be well protected and your future can be as guaranteed as when the quarterback takes a knee to run down the last few seconds of the game.  Call a qualified estate attorney now to form an estate plan that is right for you and your family.

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It’s a Wild world. Are you protected?