Chances are that at some point you have considered using your IRA funds to make some type of profitable investment (or you will at some point in your future!).  You may have also felt limited in doing so to either investing in only stocks or bonds.  If you find yourself nodding your head while reading this blogpost, then rest assured you’re not alone in feeling that way – most individuals feel limited in their options when investing their IRA funds.  The good news is that taking control of your IRA is only two steps away!

  1. In order to open up your investment options you should first consider moving your IRA to a Self Directed Custodian. Truth is, you could stop here but there will be a few draw backs. First, you will have to consult with the custodian prior to making investments, such as purchasing a piece of real estate inside your IRA. The custodian would have to title the real estate on behalf of your IRA – a task that would not only be time consuming and inconvenient, but costly since the custodian will charge extra fees for it. If this doesn’t seem appealing, then move onto step two below.
  2. Once you have moved your IRA to a Self Directed Custodian, you then will want to create an IRA Checkbook Limited Liability Company (“LLC”). Once you create this Checkbook LLC, the Self Directed Custodian will give you a check for the amount of cash you desire from your IRA. You will then deposit this check into your LLC’s account and, since you are the manager of this account, you have full “checkbook control” over the assets. Now the options really begin to open up! You can purchase real estate, stocks, bonds, notes and make other investments permitted by the IRS. If this task seems a bit confusing or scary, have no fear – the attorneys at Wild, Felice and Partners will guide you through the process and simplify everything along the way.

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