Summer is just around the corner, which means – summer blockbuster movies! These high budget, star-studded flicks have already begun to hit the big screen and it seems like you have spent every one of your past weekends this month at the movies.  You were a good husband a couple of weeks back on that Friday night when you skipped seeing Hangover 2 with The Guys to take your wife instead to see Bridesmaids … but you did it because it made her happy.  After seeing X-Men: First Class with your younger son, he is running around the house, acting more like a mutant than ever.  And after seeing Pirates of the Caribbean 4 with your older son, he decided to try wearing eye liner to look more like Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow character … but again you did it because it made them both happy.  Finally, while your teenage daughter’s crush on Shia LaBeouf may be hard to stomach, you still plan to take her to the movies to see LaBeouf star in Transformers 3 the weekend it comes out … and you will do this because you know it will make her happy.

With all of the time and effort spent keeping your family happy at the movies, you can make your family and loved ones happy just by planning for their future, and yours, which means adequately setting up your estate and assuring asset protection.  You can make sure your family is taken care of well after you are gone by hiring a well-qualified, experienced Estate Planning Attorney who can help you construct an estate plan that fits the desires and intentions for your family.  Such legal representation can draft a living trust to protect your children’s financial future and eliminate the need for probate or simply create a Will which can pronounce a guardian for any minor children and establish and burial or cremation request you might have, thus reducing and legal procedures that a family must inevitably go through when a loved one dies.

So call us now for a free consultation, and be your family’s superhero by planning your estate … before you take them to see the superhero blockbuster Captain America this summer!

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It’s a Wild world. Are you protected?