There is more involved in selecting the right executor to execute a will then is commonly thought. The ‘chosen one’ is delegated the responsibility in administering a will through the South Florida probate process, a court process that involves accounting for assets, paying bills, and distributing property according to the decedent’s wishes. Personality is everything. The ideal candidate is someone who is trustworthy and willing to take on a role that demands a high tolerance for rules, formalities, and of course, tedium. This task is not for the faint at heart. The probate process can take years, especially for bigger and more complicated estates. The executor must be mentally prepared to play the middle role in the inevitable situations of disputing heirs. This means, more trips to the courthouse and more legal proceedings.

The ideal executor should also keep up to date with news on tax law and investments.  Monitoring progress and overseeing that everything is done according to plan is no task for amateurs. It is also a good idea to confront the person that’s anticipated to take on the job. That way, the ‘executor to be’ can consider whether he or she will be able to fulfill the role successfully and meet expectations of the ‘decedent to be.’ If there is a conflict of interest, there is still a pool of candidates to choose from. The last thing someone wants is Grandson Bachelor looking like a deer in headlights when he realizes he is now solely responsible for managing and distributing the assets in Granny Smith’s estate when all he can think about is the next Mardi Gras or Oktoberfest. Although family members are usually appointed as executors, it is important to make the selection carefully and wisely; otherwise someone might be turning in their grave. Don’t be the victim of an executorship gone bad.

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