At the end of the classic movie Gran Torino, there is a reading of Walt Kowalski’s will, played by Clint Eastwood. He leaves his family shocked when they realize whom he left his house and Ford Gran Torino to. But wouldn’t it be cool to get your hands on the infamous .30 M-1 caliber semi-automatic shoulder rifle or the .45 caliber pistol that he used to intimidate and put those nasty gang members back in their place? Too bad no one mentioned the Gun Trust to Mr. Kowalski.

Many people collect guns for target shooting, hunting, and even for self-defense. Later, they would like to pass them down to their heirs so they can also enjoy such recreational activities or feel safe with an added layer of protection. This is all done through a Gun Trust. This is a special purpose revocable living trust which holds only firearms. Regulations can get complicated though. Considerations involve where the beneficiary lives, the laws of that state, the laws of the state where the items are located, and the eligibility of the beneficiary to be in possession of a weapon. Gun Trusts are created primarily for NFA restricted firearms such as silencers, short-barreled rifles, shotguns, and machine guns.  A state may further restrict regulations.  However, creating this trust can save a lot of time.  A person does not have to worry about obtaining approval from the local Chief Law Enforcement Officer. Also, detailed instructions can be provided regarding the transfer of a gun. The trust must be properly drafted due to the complexities of federal and state law. Improper administration of regulated firearms can result in a criminal conviction and hefty fines.

So whether you’re passing on your highly coveted gun collection to your heirs or that precious gold necklace heirloom Aunt Edna could never stop talking about, it’s important to have a qualified attorney with the necessary experience to effectively ensure the correct disposition of your assets.

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It’s a Wild world. Are you protected?