Don't Draft Your Own Estate Plan

The big moment came and went. Mr.Crablegs himself will be sporting the good old black, white and red. Despite his checkered past, Winston still beat out Mariota.

At Wild Felice and Partners we fully condone the draft, but it should stop there. When one attempts to draft other areas of their life, things can get really stinky. Like drafting your own estate plan.

Take Alice for example. Ninety-year-old Alice decided to get preprinted wills from a local office supply store. Much like Mad Libs, Alice filled in the empty spaces and considered this paperwork her will. Upon her death, this “document” failed to conform to the laws of the state in which she lived.

Rather than paying an experienced attorney to prepare her will, her family suffered through a long, lengthy and costly probate. A process even longer and probably more pain staking than Bruce Jenner’s gender transition.

We remind you that nothing is more important than caring for your family. An estate plan, drafted by a specialized estate plan attorney will provide you the piece of mind and ability to control your assets from beyond the grave.

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