Let’s face it – we all had high hopes for a cooler winter. Yet, any hope we had has definitely been blown away but what feels like a summertime breeze. This December has produced record breaking temperatures. Throughout the month, temperatures have remained above average across much of the United States. Luckily December is early in the winter season which means some of us still have hope for cool weather but for now, it’s hot. While December is most definitely hot, not having a plan for your future is not. We have been taught from earlier years that planning is important. In high school we bought a day planner for class and likely way too many highlighters. In college, we had to map out our schedules and finances, and probably still bought way too many highlights. As an adult we are tasked with so many responsibilities, which is why it is essential to plan for the unforeseen. No matter what stage of life you are in, our attorneys can help you:

BUSINESS: Are you a business owner? Maybe you are the sole proprietor of a brand new Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) or perhaps just joined a multi-member LLC. If so, then you need to consult a qualified attorney regarding either an Operating Agreement or Partnership Agreement. These documents will include provisions relating to business and equity structure, management and what is perhaps most important in terms of estate planning; the right to transfer membership interest and restrictions on such transfers. These documents are “living” documents, meaning that they should be amended accordingly as the needs of the business change.

FAMILY: Whether you are single or married; if you have young children you really need to consider an estate plan. The most favorable plan is the trust based plan. By creating a Living Trust, you are able to control where your assets go, who gets them, and even when they get them. You can set limitations on the disbursement of assets to ensure your children first go to college or reach a mature age, in the event you are not here. The assets remain protected against unsecured creditors too, so you can rest assured that your assets stay in the family. Along with your Living Trust, you will also receive a Last Will and Testament, Living Will, Assignment of Property, Durable Power of Attorney, Healthcare Surrogate and HIPAA Release.

ELDERLY: The needs of the elderly differ greatly which is why it is crucial to have an elder law attorney assist in their planning. Whether it’s planning for long term care, Medicaid or Medicare planning, or creating the necessary documents to avoid a court appointed guardian, our attorneys can help.

CHANGES: As life changes your plan will need to change with it. If you are recently married, divorced, remarried, have had additional children or experienced any other major life changing events, contact the law office of Wild, Felice & Partners and allow our attorneys to update your estate plan to ensure your needs are met and your goals are achieved.

Let December be the only reason you break a sweat this month. Plan ahead and worry less! Call the To learn more about estate planning, probate and asset protection, visit our website at www.wfplaw.com or call 954-944-2855 to schedule your free consultation.

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