Jeremy Lin, the NY Knick’s most recent point guard, has become one of the hottest topics of social media generating the most Twitter volume of any NBA player. He’s also more talked about than even our own President! He has now become the NBA’s most prized asset due to his ‘athletic prowess.’

Speaking of assets, another hot topic comes to mind. South Florida Estate Planning. This is a different type of field requiring ‘asset planning prowess’ that only your highly qualified South Florida estate planning attorney can equip you with. Even though this topic may not be as exciting as watching a rising Asian- American basketball star rocking the court with his “ally-oop passes” and “super dunks,” it certainly is more important. After all, it isn’t about you; it’s about protecting those you love the most after you are gone. Think about it for a minute. We make sure we purchase health insurance just in case our children get sick. We purchase car insurance just in case our spouse gets into an accident. We even set up a pre-paid college plan just in case our children have trouble paying for school. Notice how we strive to protect our loved ones from situations that might occur; just in case. But we rarely stop to consider situations that will occur. Death is inevitable. The death rate in Floriada is 100 percent. That’s why estate planning is crucial.

With estate planning, our team at Wild, Felice, and Partners can help you protect your family savings and investments from lawsuits and claims while helping you avoid probate and reduce your estate taxes.

The NY Knicks invested in an all star team from the Ivies. Its time for you to invest in an all star legal team here in Broward County.

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It’s a Wild world.  Are you protected?