All it took was one whirlwind of commotion in the Windy City and POOF…the Miami Heat are no longer unbeatable.  Last night the Chicago Bulls destroyed the 27 game winning streak that was adorning South Florida’s superstars.  Lebron James fought ferociously to keep his legacy going, but it was snapped away by a more powerful force.

Thought South Florida’s celebrated team was invincible?  Much like you?  Think again.  Every day we go to bed, wake up, and go about our daily routine.  But the inevitable is coming.  Much like the Bulls charged the Heat last night, fate will overcome you too.  But don’t be caught off guard.

We can’t predict or control when we are going to die. However, we can control what happens after we are gone. Today you may be healthy and feeling great, tomorrow an unforeseen event can change your whole game plan.  Life is short.  Get your estate plan in place today.

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It’s a Wild world. Are you protected?SM