College basketball culminates each year in a 68-team tournament to crown its champion that is chock full of upsets, Cinderella stories and buzzer beating shots.  Unlike NCAA basketball, there is no specific shot clock or game clock for our lives.  There may not be enough time in regulation to accomplish everything we need to before that final buzzer sounds.  In order to assure that we accomplish what is most important to us during our short lives, we create lists of priorities.

Some of us give greater priority to our families, others to our careers and others to traveling the world and creating new experiences every day.  No matter what your current priorities are, it’s vary important to get your estate planning taken care of when you are young and healthy rather than waiting until you are older and weak.  None of us are certain of how much time is left on the clock but we can be certain that it is incredibly irresponsible to leave our estate planning to a last-second heave before the buzzer sounds.

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