Just to quickly clear something up, and most of last night’s Super Bowl spectators would agree, it was Beyonce’s electrifying half-time performance that caused the blackout, not some glitch in the Superdome’s power system. Despite the half-hour standstill in the third quarter when most of the lights and scoreboards went dark, it was a great game… depending on who you were rooting for.

However, another thing can be said about America’s biggest sporting event. Sports carry with it risks of serious injury. Studies have shown that NFL football players sustain head injuries to such a high degree resulting in memory-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. Statistics unveil the number of former football players with this disease to be a staggering nineteen times the normal rate for men ages 30-49.

It’s not only in football where risk of injury is inherent. Life also carries risks. Just think of how many people get into car accidents every year. What about health problems that afflict the elderly? What about employees injured on the job? Can you imagine what it must be like to be unable to physically take care of yourself or to lose the mental capacity to make decisions on your own? Who will take care of your loved ones?

No matter what we do, there is always a risk of injury. However, you can protect yourself and your family by accounting for these dire possibilities. Creating an estate plan with specific supplemental documents can ensure your wishes are met. A Designation of Health Care Surrogate is a document that is based on statutory language found in Florida Statute 765.203. It allows the designated person or persons to make medical decisions on your behalf. A Living Will is a form that allows you to state whether you want your life to be artificially prolonged or whether you prefer to be allowed to die naturally. This document contains the statutory language found in Florida Statute 765.303. Without a correctly executed Living Will, you must be kept alive artificially no matter what your true wishes are or how much it costs your family financially. A Durable Power of Attorney form is designed to allow the designated person or persons to manage your financial affairs either immediately or in the future should you become mentally or physically unable to do so.

The best way to be certain of which supplemental documents you need as part of your estate plan is to consult with your South Florida estate planning attorney. Here at Broward County, our attorneys will evaluate your needs and desires and outline a plan that is best for you. Supplemental documents ensure that your estate is handled as you wish during your lifetime and after you die.

Last night’s Super Bowl is testament to how unpredictable life is. Arm yourself with the right estate planning tools to protect yourself and your family from such unwelcomed events.

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It’s a Wild world. Are you protected?SM