Believe it or not, webcasting funerals is an emerging practice among Americans. The purpose is to unite aggrieved family members and friends during such tragic times. Those unable to attend or living abroad are enabled to participate in the process while watching a streaming video online while their loved ones are being memorialized . Technology even allows us to plot grave sites with GPS coordinates, embed videos into headstones, and show digital slideshows at funerals. While some may find this new wave of formalities as an excuse not to attend, it can not be disputed that our lives revolve around computers.

Technology not only affects how we react to death but also how we plan for it.  About 750 million people use facebook, more than 100 milion people have  paypal accounts, and 92 million households engage in online banking.  But what happens to these accounts when these owners die.  With the advent of digital estate planning, it is not unusual to consider digital assets when planning for your estate. It is important to make sure loved ones have access to your assets stored in some form of computer or electronic technology. For example, the tangible assets like your money stored in paypal, amazon, and ebay accounts.  Even assets not widely considered such as computer passwords, website domain names, and published ebooks. All this just reinforces how crucial it is to plan ahead.  Estate planning requires careful consideration, detail, and expertise to make sure all your assets get into the right hands- your loved ones. Digital or non-digital assets, you want to protect your family. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be the star of your own digital slideshow and movie!

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It’s a Wild world. Are you protected?