After recovering from my Thanksgiving food coma, I managed to avoid the Black Friday mobs for the 32nd consecutive year. While the deals may be great, the risk of bodily harm is just too great of a risk and I have to be healthy in order to handle all of your South Florida estate planning, asset protection and probate needs? It is my contention that the “must have” gift for this holiday season is a Trust-based estate plan; which makes it even more surprising that I was the only person lined up outside my Plantation law office at 4 am on November 25th.

 Put Down the Sky Mall Catalog…

Even if you aren’t shopping in Sky Mall, half the gifts you’ll give this year (and an even higher percentage of the gifts you’ll receive) will end up in the back of a closet, the bottom of a drawer or even re-gifted to someone that you aren’t too fond of.  Instead of wasting thousands of dollars on an outdoor elliptical machine with your favorite meteorologist’s face on it, how about protecting your family with a Trust-based estate plan so that they can avoid probate and eliminate any estate tax?  Already have your Florida estate plan in place?  How about treating a friend or family member to a free consultation with me so that they can protect their loved ones?

 Estate Planning is truly the gift that everyone can use and benefit from and please also remember:

Any Casualties from Black Friday? We handle probate.

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It’s a Wild world. Are you protected?