Florida Gator superstar, Tim Tebow, has been signed by the New England Patriots. After a disappointing season playing backup to Mark Sanchez, Tebow was finally released by the New York Jets in late April. Previously, there had been numerous speculations of Tebow’s NFL career coming to end, but Patriots coach Bill Belichick begs to differ.

Even though Tebow has been intent on saying he can and will be a full-time NFL quarterback once again, he has still been waiting for a team to pick him up since April. Unlike Tebow, you have the power to take charge of your matters, most importantly, planning your estate. We cannot predict or control when we are going to die. However, we can control what happens after we are gone.  Do not let your fate be in the hands of someone else; you should be actively planning ahead to take charge of your future.

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It’s a Wild world. Are you protected?SM