Tim Tebow has just passed the toughest test of his life: remaining celibate while dating Miss Universe, Olivia Culp.  Unfortunately, passing this test didn’t lead to a sense of accomplishment and some sort of reward.  Instead, Tebow found himself dumped, heart-broken and headlining all social media.  If Tim Tebow is literally losing women over protecting his most valuable asset, we suggest spending a few hours a year on protecting your assets. However, the assets we are referring to come in a much different form, of course.

The assets we are referring to come in the form of estate planning and business planning. There are many benefits to creating an estate plan.  You can appoint a guardian to look after your children, avoid probate and even control over your assets from beyond the grave.  Many individuals don’t realize that without an estate plan someone you don’t know or maybe don’t even like could end up raising your children and/or spending your money.  Proper estate planning guarantees your assets are protected and distributed according to your wishes.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s always the right time for an estate plan!  Even if you aren’t married and don’t have any children, you still should consider protecting the wealth you have accumulated.  Perhaps you own a small business of your own or are part of a partnership with a friend. What if your business is sued? You may find yourself personally liable for judgment against your business and at risk of losing everything that you personally own. This can easily be resolved through creating a trust.  When your assets are in a trust, they cannot be reached by creditors, litigation, bankruptcy or even divorce.

Do like Tebow:  protect your assets!  While Tebow wasn’t rewarded, you surely will be.  Call Wild, Felice & Partners today to schedule your free consultation and allow our attorney’s to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that both you and your family are protected.

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