Tonight we celebrate the first night of Passover.  For those that are unfamiliar with the story of Passover, it commemorates the time when Moses led an exodus of the Jewish people out of Egypt in search of a country with a lower estate tax and more generous inheritance laws.  Lucky for Floridians alive in the year 2011, we have no inheritance tax, no state estate tax and the ability to draft living trusts to protect our family from the Federal estate tax.  

We can also use trusts to avoid probate, provide for a special-needs child and control the use of your assets  for many many years after your death.  There are dozens of reasons why a living trust might benefit your family and one of the most popular reasons is saving your family some dough.  Unfortunately for my fellow Jewish people, dough is something that we wont be enjoying over the next 8 days, at least not the leavened kind.

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