Throughout the world Shamrocks are a symbol of all things Irish. But did you know they are also symbols of wealth, financial growth, and bling bling?

In Ireland cows depended upon the shamrock (a type of clover) for food. As the clovers grew thick on Irish farms, farmers knew it meant a prosperous winter lay ahead. The proverbial Irish saying “in the clover” equates to Florida’s version of “having deep pockets.”

Regardless of the size of your plot of land this Saint Patrick’s Day, having your South Florida estate planning attorney review your asset protection goals is beneficial to everyone. Estate planning is about providing for those family and friends left behind, which is why we first ask our clients what their wealth transfer and asset protection goals are and then explain how we can accomplish these dreams together. If you don’t protect your hard earned assets now, there may not necessarily be a “pot O gold” awaiting your loved ones at the end of your path.

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It’s a Wild world. Are you protected?SM