Rosh Hashanah marks the new year of the Jewish calendar. As South Florida families gather around merrily in light of celebrating this special holiday and enjoying traditional meals together, the sense of love and unity inspires deep appreciation for each other. As family members sink their teeth into dipped honey apples that symbolize a sweet new year filled with abundance and good health, the sweet taste inspires gratitude to be alive at the present moment. But what about your thoughts of the future?

A really sweet way to start off the new year is to think about how to protect your loved ones. There is no better time than beginning the new year with all your assets in order to ensure the financial security of your family. Through solid estate planning, it’s a relief to know that your family will be extricated from the legal knots that can result from inadequate or lack of such planning. Whether it be through a Revocable or Irrevocable Trust or a Last Will & Testament, there are various options to guarantee that your family is in good, safe hands. As you welcome this new year with sweetness and abundance, think of your loved ones and how you can make sure they continue to warmly embrace each new year with deep reflections, love, hope, and positivity.

If you have family, friends or even a charitable intent, the absence of an estate plan is inexcusable. For more information on successful Florida estate planning and probate techniques, please contact the South Florida law firm of Wild Felice & Partners, P.A. at 954-944-2855 or via email at to schedule your free consultation.

It’s a Wild world. Are you protected?