DJ Calvin Harris was involved in a car accident when his SUV was struck by a VW Beetle.  Even though the VW was significantly smaller in size, it still caused a violent crash that resulted in one of the young teenagers breaking her hip and landed Harris in the hospital.  Luckily, everyone is alive and recovering but this incident is a reminder of how unpredictable life can be.

What if something like this (or worse) happened to you?  Do you know who would continue to pay your bills?  Who would make important healthcare decisions on your behalf?  If you have children, do you know who will raise them if you are no longer around?  Or how it is that your assets will be distributed?  Wouldn’t you want the ability to answer these questions and remain in control of your future no matter how unpredictable life may be?  The great news is that you can with an estate plan.

A properly executed estate plan will allow you to remain in control, either during times of incapacity or even after you’re long gone.  By executing documents like a Durable Power of Attorney or a Healthcare Surrogate and HIPAA release you are able to designate an individual to make important financial and healthcare decisions on your behalf.  A Last Will and Testament will appoint guardians to raise your children and include cremation or burial requests.  You can even direct how your assets will be distributed in your Will but it will be subject to Probate.  If Probate is something you wish to avoid then the Revocable Living Trust may be a better option for you.

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