Presidents Day was originally celebrated as George Washington’s Birthday and was the first federal holiday honoring an American citizen. Today Lincoln’s birthday is recognized as well. America is truly the greatest country.  No other enjoys the same freedoms as we do. However, with those freedoms comes a great deal of responsibility. We each take part in a critical election process that gives us a voice when it comes to the future of our beloved country. Many of us take great efforts in securing the best interests for our Nation’s future.

However, many of us don’t take this approach when it comes to the future of smaller sovereign units within our country- our families. One way to ensure the future of our beloved family members is to avoid the most common estate planning mistakes and correct any existing misconceptions.

Although there is so much to love about America, her estate plan is not one of them. If you do not take the initiative in setting up your own, your property will be distributed according to the laws of the state in which you live. This can prove disastrous to the family members you leave behind. Instead of your wishes being fulfill, the judge will have to decide whom your property goes to.

If you do have some kind of estate planning tool, most likely it is a will. A common misconception is that a will alone is enough. Probate will be the inevitable result. It is a time-consuming, complex, and costly process that can have dire results. A trust-based plan ensures the protection of your assets and full distribution according to your intent.

Finally another mistake people make is relying on a joint tenancy. Almost everyone own property and bank accounts in joint tenancy. However, there can be legal nightmares. A well-seasoned South Florida estate-planning attorney can counsel you on better options in order to ensure ultimate protection.

It’s important to rely on the right attorney to help you structure a plan so that your family members can enjoy freedom from endless and emotionally draining courtroom proceedings. You will ensure their peace of mind and reduce the burden of estate taxes. When it comes to the future of our families, nothing can be more important than securing their best interests with a solid estate plan.

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It’s a Wild world.  Are you protected?