As I sit here watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show (I swear it was my wife’s idea!) I cannot help but think about…asset protection.

These stunning young ladies spend hours upon hours working out, dieting, and sculpturing their bodies to perfection, so 9.3 million Americans can curse their parents for bad genes and swear to begin dieting tomorrow. Thanks to the models hard work in the gym, their external assets guarantee them a spot on the runway.

Much like Giselle spends hours in the gym protecting her assets, we suggest spending a few hours a year on protecting your assets. However, you assets come in a different form, no offense.

These assets are in the form of estate and business planning. Estate and business planning gives you control over your assets from beyond the grave. What if you wish for your money to go to your daughter and not her new husband? Estate planning guarantees your baby girl receives the assets she deserves.

What if your business is sued? You may find yourself personally liable for judgment against your business and at risk of losing everything. When your assets are in a trust, they cannot be reached by creditors, litigation, bankruptcy or divorce.

In other words, for asset protection,Giselle avoids calories and you avoid creditors. 

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