National 2-1-1 day is right around the corner! 2-1-1 Broward offers a live, 24 –hour comprehensive helpline, and support services to individuals and families in our community seeking crisis intervention assistance and/or information and connections to health and human services in Broward County. The help line offers a wide variety of help from housing, food, financial assistance, to relief from abuse, family issues, depression, childcare and suicide prevention. Every call is immediately connected to a skilled, trained counselor at a crisis center in the area. Reaching out to someone with personal information may feel a little uncomfortable at first, however it’s important to understand that these skilled counselors are trained to assist you in specialized areas and understand that all information spoken about is confidential.

Some benefits of 2-1-1 Broward include:

Michael Wild as Captain 211

Michael Wild as Captain 211

  • Provides an easy to remember three digit number;
  • Links new residents to the community and helps them access services;
  • Prevents the loss of life through suicide/homicide or abuse;
  • Helps keep families intact;
  • Contributes to the overall well-being of caller and their families;
  • Eliminates confusion and frustration about where to go for help;
  • Improves access to health and human services;
  • Provides information about emergency shelters and evacuation during storms/disasters


Michael Wild is the managing partner of WFP Law, specializing in the area of estate planning, asset protection, wealth transfer and probate administration.  Michael is very active in his community and has proudly been serving the Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade communities since 2006. Michael currently is on the Board of Directors for 211 Broward and states, “My main focus is to ensure that everyone is aware of 2-1-1 Broward. I encourage people going through tough times to reach out to these skilled counselors and use their assistance to help guide you to the right path.”

Rumor has it that Captain 211, Michael Wild, will be visiting Ft. Lauderdale! Captain 211 and his minions will begin their journey on Las Olas Blvd at 11:30 am in front of Grille 401. From there, they will be visiting Timpano, the Riverside Hotel and Hoffman’s Chocolates, among other locations in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. Captain 211 wants your support by snagging a picture with him and posting it on Facebook, Twitter, and or Instagram with the hashtag, #Captain211. Not only do you get to post a cool photo for everyone to see, but by posting a photo you are entered into a contest and the winner will be announced at the Non-Profit Academy Awards on Friday, February 13th.  Michael is honored to help such a great organization and looks forward to seeing everyone there! For more information on Broward 2-1-1 please visit their website at

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