Everyone needs a basic estate plan. This involves putting the documents in place that will take care of you in case you become disabled and will take care of your loved ones once you pass away. However, there are certain circumstances where additional planning is necessary. This is where Advanced Estate Planning comes in. Here are some of the areas Advanced Estate Planning covers:

1) Tax Planning: If your estate is large enough, you’ll need to work with your estate planning attorney to minimize or reduce estate taxes and generation skipping transfer (GST) taxes.

2) Asset Protection Planning: Your estate planning attorney can help you structure the way you hold title to your property so as to limit creditors’ ability to access it.

3) Planning for Disabled Beneficiaries: A Special Needs Trust can help you leave money to a disabled beneficiary without interfering with his or her government benefits.

4) Planning for Beneficiaries with Special Circumstances: If you have a beneficiary with trouble handling finances or may be in a rocky marriage, your estate planning attorney can help you establish a trust that will allow that beneficiary access to money or property without leaving him an outright distribution. This will help protect his or her legacy in case of divorce proceedings or creditors’ claims.

5) Business Succession Planning: If you’re the owner of a closely held business, special planning is required to smooth the transition of ownership in the event of your disability or death. Your attorney can help you anticipate potential problems and tailor solutions to meet your needs.

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