Kim Kardashian just can’t get out of the spotlight these days. She recently got flour bombed on the red carpet at her fragrance launch, which came as a shock to all onlookers. It probably had something to do with an angry PETA activist. Another bomb Kardashian took not too long ago concerned her very short marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries that lasted only 72 days. To avoid a third bomb, she should consider estate planning if she has not already done so.

Even short marriages necessitate updating wills and other estate planning documents.

When a major event in life happens, such as a marriage or birth of a child, then a will should be updated to reflect the intentions of the decedent in how assets should be distributed. For example, if you do not want to give any assets to your new spouse or a new child, then the will should be updated to explicitly state this.

Kardashian’s divorce is yet another major life event making it crucial to update estate planning documents. People usually do not want their ex-spouse to inherit anything. Even if Kim married Kris for publicity, she might marry again and decide Kris should get nothing. Taking the time to update her will would save an immense amount of confusion and litigation if she were to die. Ideally, a will should be updated before a divorce is finalized. Why you ask? Consider this. If a spouse passes away during divorce many states will treat that person as still married and allow the ex-spouse-to-be, to inherit a portion of the estate even if the spouse is not mentioned in the will.

When your life changes, it’s important to keep your estate plan up to date to reflect these important changes or you might just get doused in a powder of probate mess.

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