This week is welcomed by the holiday known as Celebration of Life Day.  Every January, it is a day to take the time to honor children and grandchildren in America. Each life is held to be a precious gift. However, sometimes we are too busy existing in life that we forget to actually live it, let alone stop to appreciate the people we love most. Hardly do we ever contemplate life after death and rarely do we stop to consider what will happen to our children after we pass away.  There can be no better way to show love and honor to our progeny than to protect them from future legal distress and financial insecurity after we are gone. Ensuring a brighter future for our children and grandchildren starts with estate planning and asset protection. The attorneys at Wild Felice & Partners are well-equipped with the necessary tools, legal knowledge, and expertise of South Florida estate planning strategies and asset structuring to ensure the financial stability of society’s most vulnerable individuals in order to guarantee the quality of life they deserve. Whether it’s a drafting a will or forming a trust, there are countless benefits to strategic estate planning. You can protect your children and grandchildren from potential lawsuits and creditor claims to your family life savings. You can protect your children against inadequate insurance coverage. You can eliminate the need for probate and reduce the burden of estate taxes. It is difficult to think of a better way to celebrate the life of your offspring and acknowledge them as precious gifts of life than to ensure their financial protection and shield them from unnecessary legal hassles after we are gone. In return, our children will be honoring us …on Remembrance of Death Day.

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It’s a Wild world.  Are you protected?